Wednesday 7th February 2018 from 7pm
at The Maynard School, Denmark Road, Exeter EX1 1SJ



Friday 9th February 2018 from 7pm
at The Maynard School, Denmark Road, Exeter EX1 1SJ

An event sanctioned by

Entries to be completed using the Online Form OR sent to
Mrs Anne Jones, 1 Turlake Gardens, Cowley, Exeter EX5 5ER (01392 851743) no later than Saturday 3rd Feb. Late entries may not be accepted.

HERE for the online form

(You can enter mixed, mens and ladies)

If you prefer a regular written form then
HERE for the mixed PDF form


HERE for the mens & ladies PDF form

Online Payment Details:

Account No. 01098600 Sort Code 30-93-14  Please quote BE No as Reference

Exeter & District Tournament Rules will apply throughout the tournament and all entrants must be a registered playing member of an E&D Badminton League Club and affiliated / registered with Badminton England through that club. Please also see Conditions of Entry below/overleaf.
The event will be played as a round robin followed by knockout, as appropriate. The organisers reserve the right to change any event to a knockout as necessary.

1. The Tournament will be run by Exeter & District Badminton League in accordance with the Tournament Regulations of Badminton ENGLAND and is sanctioned by Devon County Badminton Association.

2. Entries must be made on the official form and must be received by the Tournament Secretary listed on the prospectus cover, with entry fees, by the stated closing date. BOTH doubles partners MUST submit an entry form. Competitors seeking a partner must enter ‘Partner Wanted’ in the “Partners Name” section but do so knowing they may be paired with a player of unknown standard/ability. Illegible or incomplete entries may be ignored.

3. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to refuse entries without assigning any reason and will seed all level events. The Committee also reserves the right to restrict the number of entries in each event. All entries will be accepted on a 1st come, 1st served basis. If entries are oversubscribed, the date of receiving entry forms will be taken into account. When determining seeding, the Badminton ENGLAND Player Grading List followed by the rankings lists shall be used. The Committee reserves the right to use their discretion in selection and seeding, to limit entries in any particular event, or alter or modify the programme in any way it sees fit, if it is in the interest of the tournament or where standard of competitors is not known. Its decisions on all matters shall be final. In all cases, Badminton ENGLAND Tournaments regulations will be followed.

4. All competitors must be present at least 10 minutes before their start time & report to the Tournament ‘check-in’ table immediately on arrival and be prepared to play at all times.

5. Rally points scoring shall be used throughout, as outlined within the Laws of Badminton. In games where setting is allowed, at 20 all, the side gaining a 2 point lead first shall win that game. At 29 all, the side scoring the 30th point wins that game. The period for knocking up before any match shall not exceed THREE minutes. An interval not exceeding 60 seconds shall be permitted when the leading score reaches 11 points in each game. An interval not exceeding TWO minutes is also permitted between games.

6. Competitors must be prepared to play at the times stated for the commencement of each event. Evening events will remain the same times as previously stated. Competitors must report to the Tournament Desk immediately upon arrival, and must not leave the hall without Tournament Desk permission, until otherwise eliminated from all events. ANY COMPETITORS NOT READY TO PLAY WHEN CALLED UPON WILL BE LIABLE TO BE SCRATCHED AND/OR PENALISED.

7. Play shall not take place on days other than those sanctioned and no competitor shall be obliged to commence a match before the stated times but finish times cannot be guaranteed. Any competitor who is not prepared to play outside these times of play shall be entitled to a refund of their entry fee.

8. In accordance with Tournament Regulations of Badminton ENGLAND, clothing must be acceptable and its suitability, within the Badminton ENGLAND regulations, and final decision on suitability will be at the discretion of the Tournament Referee.

9. Yonex Aerosensor feather shuttles will be used throughout the tournament.

10. All entry fees as listed on the entry form.

11. The Exeter & District Badminton League is committed to providing equal treatment for all its members, associated members, prospective members, guests and prospective guests in compliance with the Equality Act 2010. By entering this tournament you agree to comply with Badminton ENGLAND’s Equality and Diversity Policy. A copy of the policy can be downloaded from the Badminton ENGLAND website.

(a) Play in any tournament shall not take place on days other than those specifically sanctioned.
(b) No competitor shall be obliged to start a match before 9 a.m. or in the case of junior tournaments Under 13 and below after 8.00 pm, Under 14 or 15 after 9.00 pm; Under 16-19 after 10.00 pm; and all other tournaments after 11 p.m. In all Junior Tournaments play on Sundays should be planned to end not later than 7 p.m.
(c) Any competitor who is not prepared to play outside the times of play shall be entitled to a refund of their entry fee.
(d) The period for knocking up before any match shall not exceed three minutes.
(e) Every player is entitled to at least 20 minutes break after any best of three singles match, and at least 10 minutes break after any best of three doubles match..

WITHDRAWALS: Should you need to withdraw, you must contact the Tournament Secretary. Competitors prevented from playing by illness or injury, or other unforeseen cause, shall have entry fees returned in full provided only that at least 36 hours’ notice is given. No refund is due if withdrawal is made within 36 hours of the start of the tournament. Withdrawal during the Tournament must be notified to the Tournament Secretary.

SUBSTITUTIONS: Only genuine cases will be considered and all applications must be made to the secretary
15 minutes prior to the pair being due on court. All entries received WITHOUT named partners and NOT paired
before the draw will be entered on the substitution list.

15. Entry is at the competitor’s own risk and by signing the entry form the competitor will imply the acceptance of the above conditions and notes listed on the entry form. All competitors, or their guardians, undertake that to the best of their knowledge that the competitor is healthy to compete.

ELIGIBILTY: Players will be eligible to play in the tournament by being affiliated to a club within the Exeter & District Badminton League.

DATE OF BIRTH REQUIREMENT. Where events are restricted dependant on age, the player’s date of birth must be completed on the entry form.

a. All events will initially be played as a round robin event with the number and size of each group being determined by the number of entries.
b. Where a handicap format is in use, all players will receive a handicap at the beginning of each game.
c. If more than one group, the winning players in each group will proceed to a knockout stage. Knockout stages are normally played as best of three ends with no setting.
d. The winners of the event will be those players who win the group, or where more than one group then the winners of the knockout stage.